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  • Our company

    26 octobre 2005 ( #News )

    Codanova is a french company based in Paris and Toulouse since 2003 Specialists in Multimedia devices, HID experts. Consulting in electronics (design & implementation) Best experience in custom USB MIDI devices and USB soundcards. Intellectual property...

  • VMX VJ 1 : coming out

    02 janvier 2007 ( #News )

    The VMX VJ is the utlimate USB MIDI controller for VJs - 99 fully assignable controllers - Plug & Play Windows XP & MAC OS X, Linux support with USB drivers - 2 jogs and 2 cross fader for live video scratching - 8 tracks with soft touch fader - 20 knobs...

  • Press review

    28 mars 2007 ( #News )

    There is a buzz around Codanova on the web. Forums are discussing about VMX VJ worldwide ! VJForums : "controleur Midi Vmx Vj Codanova" VJForums : ultimate MIDI/USB VJ controller ? VJSpain : Controleur MIDI VMX VJ Codanova VJing.it : VMX VJ, controller...

  • VMX Studio : Launch !

    15 novembre 2005 ( #News )

    Codanova is proud to announce the release of the VMX Studio - click here to enlarge - VMX is a top quality MIDI controller to take control over today's music applications. Express yourself with this brand new product from our labs : It has been designed...

  • Codanova workshop SAT Montréal

    02 novembre 2009 ( #News )

    The workshop will begin with a presentation of the features and user modes of the VMX VJ with Resolume and Modul8. Two VMX VJ will then be left available to the participants. They will have the opportunity to go at this workshop with their laptops and...

  • New prototype MIDI Controller Codanova VMX V64

    22 mai 2010 ( #News )

    New MIDI controller prototype VJ Codanova VMX V64 121 fully assignable controllers 80 switch dual color back-light 32 potentiometers dip switch for fast configuration and 2 custom configurations 1 optical jog wheel 8 sliders and 2 crossfaders all mounted...

  • Mapping Festival 2011 call for entries

    26 novembre 2010 ( #News )

    Here we go! The open call of submissions to the Mapping Festival 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland. If you have had any ideas now is the time to share them with us! The festival promotes the concept of mixed disciplines and will accept proposals for the following...

  • Advertisement Pre-order Codanova VMX v64

    25 mars 2011 ( #News )

    The Codanova VMX v64 is the 6 years work & vision final step of Codanova in VJing sphere. The Codanova VMX v64 USB / MIDI oriented VJ first serie will be pre-orderable the March 31st on Codanova website. Official launching is scheduled for June 1st 2011....

  • Pre-order Codanova VMX v64 now

    31 mars 2011 ( #News )

    The Codanova VMX v64 is pre-orderable on Codanova website today the March 31st 2011 ! The Codanova VMX v64 is pre-orderable for 499 € (excluding tax). Out on June 1 2011 approximately. Design, ergonomy and production by Codanova team, screen-printed by...

  • Codanova VMX v64 Available

    08 septembre 2011 ( #News )

    The Codanova VMX V64 is a MIDI controller that supports USB In/Out, designed for controlling VJ software . The first edition of this controller is available from the Codanova site only. The Codanova VMX V64 has a matrix of 64 backlit buttons in 4 x 16...

  • Temporarily Out of stock Codanova VMX v64

    12 décembre 2011 ( #News )

    Successful take-off for the new Codanova MIDI control surface VMX V64, its launching has exceeded our expectations. Codanova is temporarily out of stock. We did not anticipate a so quick success and we weregiven short notice on the supply of certain parts...

  • Assortment renewal of Codanova VMX v64

    02 février 2012 ( #News )

    VJING dedicated MIDI controle surface producer , Codanova continue it cruising rhythm. We are happy to announce you that Codanova VMX v64 are in full supply with a small delay on our expeditions for February. After a tough effort from the new Codanova...

  • Migration of Codanova.com

    23 février 2012 ( #News )

    Codanova goes on the transformation of all its websites. This change permits to Codanova to serve more efficiently its international customers. The schedule of these opérations is the following: Our servers are moved this week, you may be possibly embarassed...

  • Software Codanova v64 Creator 1.0.1 beta

    28 février 2012 ( #News )

    The software Codanova v64 Creator is a free utility provided by Codanova for all the VMX v64 products users. The user will be able to : Update de VMX v64 Firmware Save different buttons and jog configurations on his computer (Control Change/ Note, Latch/Momentary/Radio...

  • VMX Studio 2

    10 juin 2009

    VMX STUDIO 2 VMX Studio 2 is self-powered by USB. No power supply needed. - 59 free assignable controllers. - Plug & Play (Windows XP/Vista MAC OS X - and more). - 5 shortcuts + 4 presets and snapshot fonction. - 2 jogs. - 6 tracks with faders soft touch...

  • VMX VJ

    10 juin 2009

    VMX VJ Size details : 405 mm x 280 mm x 50 mm Weight : 3 kg VMX VJ is self-powered by USB. No power supply needed. - 107 free assignable controllers. - Plug & Play for Windows XP/Vista et MAC OS X, drivers USB for Linux - 2 jogs & 2 cross fader or video...

  • VMX v64

    31 mars 2011

    VMX v64 VMX v64 is self-powered by USB. No power supply needed. - 64 LED under-lighted switch buttons (4X16 matrix) - 16 LED under-lighted switch buttons around the jog - 32 knobs (2X16) - 8 sliders on rail - 1 optical jog - 2 crossfaders on rails - 1...

  • VMX VJ contest @ Vision R festival

    05 mars 2008 ( #News )

    Vision'R / Arte / Codanova VJ Contest In order to enlarge audience and visibility of VJing throughout various media and cultural landscapes, Vision'r has entered a partnership with Arte channel in an exchange of active visual content. Teasers, animated...

  • Codanova VMXVJ v2

    30 janvier 2009 ( #News )

    The new VMX VJ v2 fro Codanova has arrived ! It is a 100% made in France piece of technology and is available now ! A new packaging build to resist, protects the VMX VJ. The VMX VJ is ligther too ! Only 3kg (25% decrease !). Dimensions are now : 40.5...

  • VVVV patch for the CODANOVA 's VMX VJ

    07 juillet 2009 ( #News )

    The Digital Slaves ' team did a patch for the VVVV software. Anto did write this patch making the Codanova VMX VJ compatible with VVVV, a real time graphical programming tool. The advantage of VVVV on others softwares is the MIDI configuration, that allows...

  • VMX Studio 1 -- SOLD OUT

    10 juin 2009

    VMX STUDIO 1 VMX Studio 1 is self-powered by USB. No power supply needed. - 59 free assignable controllers. - Plug & Play (Windows XP/Vista MAC OS X - and more). - 5 shortcuts + 4 presets and snapshot fonction. - 2 jogs and one switch easy to use. - 6...

  • Workshop Codanova au LPM 2008

    23 mai 2008 ( #News )

    Codanova sera présent au LPM 2008 Live Performers Meeting de Rome du 29 mai au 1er juin2008. Présentation de la VMX VJ, un workshop d’une heure sur des logiciels piloter par la VMX VJ comme, Modul8, FLxER. Ce workshop sera animé par LeCollagiste VJ et...

  • Teaser Codanova VMX Activ8

    17 mai 2010 ( #News )

    Codanova prototype VMX Activ8 for Modul8 Crédit Photo : Artaban.tv Coming Soon

  • Pre-order Codanova VMX v64

    03 janvier 2011 ( #News )

    Pre-order Codanova VMX v64 MARCH 2011

  • Codanova - VMX // Welcome

    29 janvier 1977

    Buy Codanova VMX v64 Coming soon

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